Twisted But True
Twisted But True

Twisted But True
- a true crime novel

"... highly recommend ... " Dave Pratt "The Mayor"

"Poignant, funny and terribly tragic stories..." - Mac Watson KTAR 


Retired Sergeant Darren Burch takes you on a 30-year journey of dark, humorous and depraved cases from his experiences as a patrol officer, sex crime detective, and night detective supervisor in homicide. First, starting with his teenage encounter with a fatal car crash and his harrowing attempt to save the passengers trapped inside the burning car. The rest of the chapters then unfold with morbidly funny and outrageously manic stories, each more twisted than the last, and ending with unpredictable twists. 

Darren is also a radio show host on several traditional broadcast stations, and is streaming online with a podcast on network 


May not be suitable for persons under 18

Due to the graphic language depicting sex crimes and homcide cases

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"...laugh-out-loud ...funny"

- Mac Watson

   KTAR Radio Show Host 

   The Mac and Gaydos Show 

"Captivating and compelling... unforgettable"

- Laura Liuzzo

  Retired Asst. Police Chief

  El Mirage, Arizona 

"...Gut-clenching laugh-out-loud funny... cleverly written with a great sense of humor with a large side of seriousness."

- Linda Strong, Literary Critic

  National Syndicated Strong Book Review


"Highly recommend it as a fun read, but the parts about me are all lies. You (the author) weren't very nice to me..."

- Rick Ashe, Police Chief

  Salado, Texas 

"... wow! ... I didn't want the book to end." "...I literally could not put this book down." "...laughing until tears were rolling down..." "I was literally laughing out loud to some dark, and often times disgusting subject..." "Good read! Quirky and twisted! Well done." "I loved the book, couldn't put it down"

- Amazon Customers, as of 1/15/18 all reviews are 5-Stars


EVENTS: Sept 12th - Phx. Foothills Library; Book Reading

Twisted But True Podcast on network. 

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 Sunday mornings on Arizona's KTAR 92.3 FM, 98.7 FM & 620 AM


Sept. 12th - Phx Foothills Library ; Book Signing


September 27th - Las Vegas ComiCon; Book Signing  

Oct 1st - AZ Homicide Investigator's Conference; Book Signing     

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Chapter 8

Chasing Mad Cow - "... being hurled like a rag-doll, and being covered in bloody nostril foam ..."

Chapter 17

The Woman Who Screams at Cars -  "She had not been throwing mud, but pitching poop."

Chapter 21

Hippo Hell - "Pushing me away, she screeched, The hippo is on fire!"

Chapter 24

That Sucks, Mr. Hoover! - "... as if there could be be a good dick-detachment story"

Chapter 27

No More Mr. Nice Guy - "... and worse, a beer bottle was protruding out of Bud's ass."


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Mac Watson, KTAR Radio Show Host

"Darren Burch spent 30 years in law enforcement and has seen some incredibly rough, tough and laugh-out-loud stuff on the force. So the question you're probably asking is, why should I read another book about the Thin Blue Line?

Let me warn you now... this is NOT your typical "cop" book. Burch's "Twisted Tales" offers unique insights into humanity's dark and twisted side, and it is a pure joy to read. While the Tales never lose sight of a police officer's first-priority - to protect and serve - it's filled with poignant, funny and terribly tragic stories that end with an amazing and unpredicatable twist. Now the only question that remains: Who plays Darren in the movie?"

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Laura Liuzzo - Retired Asst Police Chief

"Twisted but True is a captivating and compelling collection of vignettes that gives readers a glimpse of real police events experienced by Sergeant Darren Burch throughout his law enforcement career. These are the stories you won't see on TV, told in an unforgettable way."


Rick Ashe - Police Chief, Salado, Texas

"You weren't very nice to me... But I loved the book, such funny, dark and tragic stories."


"Entertaining, very well written and so descriptive. I could mentally picture each scene in the book as if I was actually there. Each chapter is a different incident with a twist (a take away) to wrap up the chapter. 

I just have to say Wow! I took the book to bed last night at 10 pm and forced myself to put it down at 1:30 am so I could get some sleep. I didn't want the book to end. I highly recommend this book. "

  - Amazon Customer

"Police work is nothing like what we see on shows like Law and Order. This book is an extremely accurate depiction of what police work is like in a big city... and is presented in an interesting and at times hilarious fashion. I literally could not put this book down, and found myself laughing until tears were rolling down my face at times. I highly recommend this extremely well written book. Well done Darren Burch!

 - Michelle Dalton

"After finishing this book I can honetly say that it was even better than I anticipated. I was literally laughing out loud to some dark, and often times disgusting subject matter.  It's interesting to see Darren's progression from a bumbling rookie cop to his badass bank robbery busts /shootouts as well as his days as a Sex Crime detective. Seriously, read this book!"

 - Zach Bird

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Linda Strong, National Sydicated Book Critic

Many thanks to the author and TBC Reviewer Request Group for the digital copy of this engaging book. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. 

Being the daughter of a cop and later married to another one, I really could appreciate the strories told here. I was privy to a lot of similar stories and thoughts, so I well appreciated this author's memories of growing into his profession.

I nearly choked on my coffee when he talks about locking himself out of his patrol car as a rookie. Also, most of his time was spent in Phoenix .... where I have lived for many years. I remember a couple cases that he was involved in, most notably the Baseline murderer. 

While a lot of the stories here are gut-clenching laught-out-loud funny, he also covers some of the more serious tragic things he had to handle. During his many years of service, he spent time with the Crimes Against Children Unit, Homicide and Detective with the Adult Sex Crimes Unit. 

This is cleverly written with a great sense of humor with a large side of seriousness. All the stories are entertaining, interesting and helps the reader see what really happens in those middle of the night calls for help. "


2014's Silent Witness Police Director, Sgt. Darren Burch solicits tips from the community to solve violent crimes.



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May not be suitable for persons under 18

Due to the graphic and explicit languange detailing homicides and sex crime cases this book may not be suitable for everyone.